Saturday, May 21, 2011

binraden's cocktail

the little b tips his hat to the Big B for his top-shelf discussion regarding the demise of o-sammy binraden.  little b can only add his support for the opinions expressed in the Big B's post, and stress the section regarding Prez Bush's apparent lack of ability (or fortitude?) to capture binraden.  it is the little b's opinion that, though not being a consipracy theorist, it is hard not to believe that Bush deliberately chose to rook the other way on binraden, as he (or maybe more accurately, karl rove) saw the many positives to NOT capturing the supreme hanky-head with the first, and most obvious, advantage being that allowing the unknown boogyman to remain on the loose is a great way to keep the fires of fear stoked - and we all know how much Bush loved keeping us afraid. 

ironically, at this point, one wonders if, like obi won kenobi, binraden will be more dangerous dead than alive.  while his intelligence in devising plots was obvious, his real power to "the base" was as a sort of arab john wayne, especially as he was living in isolation, which had to limit his ability to provide strategic support.  now, his followers have all the more reason to join him in heaven.  with this said, little b disagrees with Obama's statement that, "the world is a safer place without him (binraden)."  or at least, i am skeptical, at best, of this statement.  little b will confirm that at least one great joke has come out of this - what are the ingredients to binraden's favorite cocktail?  two shots of lead followed by a salt water chaser.  

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