Saturday, June 11, 2011

tiny tim's economic absurdity

well, here's another interesting opinion piece from "liberal rag", the washington post.  being a minnesota native, it hurts me to know that future bastians of the idiot right are from our great state - michelle bachman and tim pawlenty.  the former is so absurd that even i don't want to waste my time with her, but the latter is much more dangerous, since he has an actual chance to be the republican nominee in 2012 - and as history has shown, the country is willing to vote in a republican no matter HOW bad he/she is for the country (see bush in 2004). 

so on to tiny tim - it's staggering what he's trying to propose here - continued aggressive tax cuts "spurring" economic growth north of 5% annually (see my piece on ronnie reagan's economic advisor shooting down that theory summarily) despite the historical and common-sensical inconsistencies.  much/most of what he proposes is either absurd or flat-out wrong.  i won't go into why (this is covered in the afore-mentioned piece), but the more interesting aspect of this is how it will shape the race.  will this, as the author of the piece speculates, really push the other candidates to ante up further on their tax-cutting rhetoric?  if so, an interesting question to pose to these idiots is - "how much taxes IS enough?"  but i'm afraid to hear the answer.  seriously.  well, timmy didn't leave our state in good shape, so obviously, he doesn't know the answer - but that's not the point in today's political climate - all you need to do is make the argument - no matter how absurd - and blame it on other factors ("over-reaching regulations", the "welfare state", etc.) when it doesn't work out. 

B&b prediction - tim pawlenty will be the vice presidential candidate for the republican ticket and will provide mit romney - at the top of the ticket - the  political cover on fiscal policies.  and both will be beaten summarily by obama/biden.  god, i sure hope we're right on that.

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