Monday, April 25, 2011

mccain parties like it's 2008 and the shortest leader the GOP will never have

a few interesting items from the wash post this morning.  first, a piece on mitch daniels - who, at 5'6" - would defy all sorts of non-sensical trends if he ran for president and actually won.  the indiana governor, who 10 years ago would seem a conservative fringe kook, is actually looking too "leftist" for the party these days, as illustrated by his statement, "Purity in martyrdom is for suicide bombers," in describing the need to work with democrats on the budget problems.  how DARE he "compromise" with the evil pinkos!  no wonder he's hesitant to run.  well, we at B&B are not surprised at the foolishness of the GOP voters - who at this time rate donald trump as their strongest candidate.  no commentary needed beyond that, methinks. 

the second article is an overview of the sunday talk shows, where mccain stated that "hope is not a strategy," in Lybia.  sadly, B&B is reporting that mccain has finally fallen off the wagon of lucidity as he obviously thinks that it's still 2008.  maybe he's re-playing that election in his head under the assumption that he didn't choose palin as a running mate.  that would drive anyone nuts. 

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