Sunday, April 17, 2011

b & b on the scene

b & b politcos is up and running, ready to review today's political landscape and make predictions on things like the situation in lybia, the budget "crises" and when boehner will cry next (my prediction is that it will be somewhere between noon and 2pm today - they're showing re-runs of the gilligan's island where the skipper loses an arm to diabetes - it's very touching, people).  other items we'll be forecasting include the 2012 prez race, if michelle bachmann will, in fact, fall upon her own sword literally and figuratively, and the chances of donald trump to win the nuthouse republican nomination.  dear lord, there's a lot of material here, even after spectre of glenn beck has effectively eaten his own baby to lead to his own demise.  the mayans may have just been predicting the beckapolypse in 2012.  i'll take that.

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